The image below illustrates a dark pattern utilized by the e-commerce website, known as "Confirmashaming." Confirmashaming refers to the use of guilt or shame to influence a user's decision-making process when presented with a question. In this case, the prompt appears when a user tries to unsubscribe from all notifications at

We're sad to see you go modal with a dark pattern
Modal with a dark pattern

The prompt is designed to make the user feel guilty for unsubscribing from all notifications by using the label "I don't like discounts" instead of the neutral wording "Unsubscribe."

Confirmashaming is a controversial tactic that can be seen as manipulative and unethical. It can also be seen as a form of psychological manipulation, as it attempts to influence the user's behaviour through emotional triggers rather than rational decision-making.

In this case, Confirmashaming may increase email conversion but can also negatively affect user trust and loyalty. Users who feel manipulated or forced into making a purchase are unlikely to return to the website or recommend it to others, which can ultimately harm the business's long-term success.

Found by: Mariana Vargas