When you're ready to complete your purchase at Green Man Gaming, you see various payment options and a cart summary. Everything looks straightforward until you spot a small checkbox at the bottom of the page. It says, "Please tick this box if you do not want to receive wishlist offers, vouchers, and other deals via email."

Green man gaming "Trick question" dark pattern

This is a classic example of a dark pattern - "Trick question". Normally, you would expect to check a box to opt into marketing emails, not to opt out. By reversing this expectation, Green Man Gaming increases the chance that you'll miss this step and accidentally subscribe to their emails.

This tactic exploits our habits and assumptions. When shopping online, we're often in a hurry, eager to complete the purchase. This urgency makes it easy to overlook small details like this checkbox.

The result? You end up sharing your personal information for marketing purposes and receiving unwanted emails, cluttering your inbox. This is frustrating and adds an unnecessary step to unsubscribe later.

Websites should present options clearly and honestly. Users deserve straightforward choices without deceptive tactics. Transparency builds trust, leading to a better user experience.