News & articles about dark patterns and unethical design.


Over the Edge: The Use of Design Tactics to Undermine Browser Choice – Mozilla Research
In order to be able to choose their own browser, people must be free to download it, easily set it to default and to continue using it - all without ...
Mozilla slams Microsoft for driving Windows users to Edge
Asks why only one Bing ad – the one you see when searching for other browsers – looks like a Windows popup


Regulators Are Finally Catching Up With Big Tech
The lawless, Wild West era of AI and technology is almost at an end, as data protection authorities use new and existing legislation to get tough.
Companies’ deceptive ‘dark patterns’ online cost you money. Here’s how to fight back
Companies make it easy to subscribe to their services — and frustratingly hard to unsubscribe.
Over 40% of consumers in Japan fall prey to ‘dark pattern’ sites
Deceptive web or app designs known as ‘dark patterns’ trick consumers into making choices they would not have otherwise made.
New EU rules needed to address digital addiction | Atualidade | Parlamento Europeu
Parliament calls for the development of ethical digital products that do not rely on dark patterns and addictive designs.

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