When you enter the Aer Lingus website, it greets you with a blocking popup that provides you with two choices: The primary button – "Accept all cookies" and the secondary is "Manage Cookies".

If you try to modify the level of privacy by clicking on "Manage Cookies" you will be presented with a window that allows you to modify the types of cookies you want to share with this website.

The first thing that we notice are two buttons: primary "Allow all" and secondary "Confirm my choices" and it's done on purpose to trick your attention in the same way as the initial window. The primary action is the one that allows all cookies in one click.

This is a very common dark pattern that you can find all over the internet. Often companies play with users' attention and put tricky actions on primary buttons. They focus your attention on the button that usually would say "Save" but here, the secondary button actually saves you choice.