London Zoo is a popular tourist attraction that offers an enjoyable day out for people of all ages. However, visitors looking to purchase tickets on the zoo's website might notice a dark pattern called misdirection, which is used to encourage donations.

At the last step of the ticket purchase process, the website presents visitors with two options: The primary button is "Add to basket with donation," and the secondary button is "Add to the basket without donation."

This design is a classic example of a misdirection dark pattern. By placing the "Add to basket with donation" button in a more prominent position, the website subtly encourages visitors to donate. Visitors might feel pressured to donate, as they do not want to appear stingy or indifferent to the zoo's conservation efforts.

The use of this dark pattern can be viewed as deceptive and manipulative. Although the zoo relies on donations to fund its conservation efforts, visitors should be allowed to donate freely without feeling pressured.