When you try to download the Google Chrome browser through Microsoft Edge (the default browser on Windows 11), it follows two dark patterns at the same time.

The first one is Disguised Ads because Microsoft interrupts your action with the advertisements of their own browser and the second one (Confrimshaming) is the language on this popup window. As you may see, the text is written in a way to play with your emotions around "I have saving money", said no one ever" and the CTA "Shop smarter now", like right now I'm shopping in a dumb way.

Please, don't do like this. Do not think of your users as stupid people.

UPD: Aug 30, 2022

If you search for Google Chrome in Windows 11, you will be presented with the advertisement of Microsoft Edge that has nothing to do with a term you searched for. They force a heavily visual advertisement with an action button to download their browser and not Microsoft Edge.