Ryanair Airlines is an excellent example of a company that will use as many dark patterns as possible to maximize its profit.

They begin by signing you up for promotion materials by default which is considered a Privacy Zukering.

Ryanair Contact Details Form

During other steps, the website will try to insert some promotional blocks with Misdirection dark patterns. For example, they will use primary buttons to upsell you the fast track options. It's very easy to click on it because you must scroll down the page to skip.

Ryanair Fast Track Dark Pattern

Even if you say no on the previous step, they will try to misdirect you one more time with another popup with a primary button on it. At this moment, they even replaced the color of the primary button and the title to trick your attention, so from the first perspective, you won't think this is the same page as the previous one.

Ryanair Fast Track Dark Pattern 2

Almost every page on the Ryanair website includes dark patterns from our collection of dark patterns. Here is another example of misdirection: they are trying to upsell you more features and play with your attention so you would always click on the primary buttons.

Choose your fare for the trip dark pattern

As you already noticed, they try to ask you 2-3 times about the same feature just in case you will change your mind, or one of those dark patterns they placed all over the website will trick you, and you click on it.

Another example of the fare selection with dark patterns

Ryanair Airlines is using dark patterns everywhere, and it looks like they do not plan to stop using them. Be careful when you will be using it next time.