The Scribd cancellation process is one of the most classic representations of the "Roach Motel" dark pattern along with "Misdirection." Here it takes 4 steps in order to cancel a subscription.

First, you have to find a way to begin the cancellation process by going to your profile.

After you select "End My Membership", it will take you to the page and ask you to provide some feedback before you go.

On this page, we can clearly see some weird usage of buttons on this page. "Get 30 free Days" and "Try Subscribe Lite" are two primary buttons that take all your attention, and the "Continue to Cancellation" button is secondary and placed at the end of the page. Purposefully making it hard to notice.

Even if you managed to get through that page, it's not the end yet. This page brings even more surprises. On this page, they convince you to stay on the page by outlining all the "benefits" of the subscription. If you want to get to the button you need, you have to scroll all the way down to find the "Continue Cancellation" button. The "Misdirection" pattern is also here to make it super hard for you to unsubscribe.

aaaaaaand finally, we cancelled our subscription! After all manipulations and misdirections, we can be sure we won't be charged next month.

This way of subscription cancellation creates only anger and hate for the company. Even if a person weren't able to cancel it the first time, they still would do this later. It doesn't benefit anyone. (Probably except Scribd by getting a couple more bucks per month).