"Which?" uses a classic dark pattern called the "Roach Motel" to trap its users and keep them subscribed. This design approach makes it extremely difficult for users to cancel their subscriptions online. This dark pattern is prevalent in the online newspaper industry and in certain subscription services. This unethical business practice has caused frustration among many customers who have found it nearly impossible to unsubscribe from the service.

Cancel process on Which?

The Roach Motel dark pattern works by making the unsubscribe process confusing and cumbersome, effectively trapping users into a service they may no longer want to be a part of.

Avoiding the Roach Motel dark pattern is crucial as it is a deceptive and unethical business practice that undermines customer trust and can harm a company's reputation. This type of behaviour is frustrating for the customers and can also result in negative publicity and legal consequences for the company that employs it.

It is always best to have transparent and straightforward processes for customers to manage their subscriptions and to avoid using deceptive techniques to keep them trapped.

Found by: Karl Austin