Emails marketing is one of the ways for platforms to drive sales and generate revenue. However, high unsubscribe rates can affect the success of marketing campaigns and undermine efforts to retain customers.,  is using a controversial approach to tackle this issue. Using a misdirection dark pattern, they made it increasingly difficult for users to unsubscribe from their mailing list.

The marketing emails from Thirdwork are designed with a clean and modern look, using a white background throughout the email. However, the deception lies in the email's footer section. It's the place where users should find the company's contact information, copyright, and an unsubscribe link. But Thirdwork has chosen to set the text colour for the footer section, including the unsubscribe link, to the same white colour as the email's background. As a result, the footer text is virtually invisible, making it extremely difficult for users to find the unsubscribe link.


By employing this dark pattern, Thirdwork has undoubtedly reduced its unsubscribe rate because you cannot unsubscribe from an email if you do not see the link.

However, this unethical approach comes with potential long-term risks. Users who feel deceived or frustrated by the difficulty in unsubscribing may develop a negative perception of Thirdwork, damaging the company's reputation. Additionally, users may mark the emails as spam, which could harm the deliverability of future email campaigns.

While's use of a misdirection dark pattern may provide short-term benefits regarding reduced unsubscribe rates, it's essential to consider the potential long-term consequences. The deceptive practice not only undermines user experience but also poses a risk to the company's reputation. Businesses must prioritize ethical practices and transparency in their marketing efforts, improving customer trust and loyalty.

Found by Migel Rengifo