When you go to the plans page on hashicorp.com you will see that the "Run tasks" feature is included in Team & Governance plan and priced starting at $20 per user. These two words "Starting at" are put in place to hide the much higher price you may be charged.

Also, the header for the block states: "Everything in free, with options to add", so it looks like they will charge you $20 just for the ability to buy more features.

HashiCorp plans page

After you pay for the plan and try to use the "Run tasks" feature, you may find yourself in the position where you will have to pay more in order to unlock the feature that was promoted as a full feature on this plan.

HasiCorp plans & billing page

This use case illustrates Hidden Costs' dark patterns and even takes it to the next level. They charge people and force them to pay more to activate the feature.

Found by Roelof Pieters