We already have a diverse list of reputable newspapers such as The New York Times and The Economist, and we are thrilled to now add The Toronto Star to the mix.

On their home and promotional pages, The Toronto Star prominently promotes a discounted subscription rate of $0.99 per week.

However, upon reaching the payment page, the "Today's Total" is revealed to be $3.99 plus tax. The price discrepancy may be confusing for customers, as the initial promotional rate of $0.99 per week is not the final cost.

The fine print on the payment page reveals that the $0.99 rate is only for the first six months, after which the price increases to $3.99 per month plus tax. Companies need to be transparent and clear about the pricing and terms of their offers to avoid any confusion or misleading customers.

The promotion advertised a rate of $0.99 per week, not $3.99 for 4 weeks. This is an example of the "Hidden Cost" dark pattern, in which the final price is significantly different from the initial one. This type of deception can be misleading for consumers and it's important for companies to be transparent about the true cost of their offers.