The Globe and Mail magazine follows the same hidden cost strategy as many other magazines, including our recent examples of Toronto Star: Price matters

On the home page of The Globe and Mail, they clearly state a price of $1.99 per week for 24 weeks. There's nothing else on this page that would say otherwise.

The Globe and Mail home page

Let's process to the Subscribe page. Here it clearly states $1.99 for a week. No other indicators of different price or charging models.  

The Globe and Mail subscription page

As soon as you try to subscribe to The Globe and Mail digital access, you will be presented with an account registration page, and the highlighted price is still $1.99 per week. But when you move your sight lower to the text below the "Globe Investor Tools" image, you will see a description of how you are going to be charged which states $7.96 on a subscription start date, and it's different from the advertised price of $1.99 per week.

The Globe and Mail account creation page

They use this trick to advertise a low price but charge you for the full 4-weeks, a variation of a hidden cost dark pattern.